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SCP-RO-006's official logo

Item #: SCP-RO-006

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The five online mining sites of SCP-RO-006 and the official currency website, must cloaked to the public, and each visitor found and administered to amnestic treatments. All tracked payments made with SCP-RO-006 must be stored in the document PMT.006.RO, a MTF sent on the spot, and the effects obtained transcribed on the document.

Persons affected after a payment with SCP-RO-006 must undergo amnestic treatment, and if necessary, quarantined for up to 2 months. In the event of a negative quarantine outcome, the subjects shall be terminated.

Description: SCP-RO-006 is a cryptocurrency called LaughCoin, the currency is valid only in Romania, and the currency symbol is a modification of the BitCoin symbol, with instead of the B, a laughing emoji.

SCP-RO-006 can be earned through exchange and trading on the official website of the currency itself, or through mining on external sites; the value of a penny of LaughCoin (called LaughPenny) equals the value of 3.40 euros, so a LaughCoin equals 340 euros. Despite the relatively high value of this currency, mining on external sites will lead (on average) to the extraction of about 130 Laughcoins per hour (an exorbitant number). Being these unofficial sites, it is possible that the huge amount of LaughCoin is due to a simple system bug.

The official website of the currency comes in a simple style, with an orange template and the inscription "LaughCoin! Because laughing is the best coin!", which will redirect to the basic information about the currency.


The official SCP-RO-006's website template

The abnormal effects of SCP-RO-006 occur when a payment is made using SCP-RO-006 as an exchange currency. In this case, the subject who paid with SCP-RO-006 will begin to gradually feel more depressed, up to commit suicide; while the one who receives SCP-RO-006 will begin to gradually feel happier, and begin to laugh more and more often, up to suffocate in his own laughter. It seems that amnestic treatments can placate the effects when used on time.

Addendum-RO-006-1 - Document PMT.006.RO:

Item Purchased: Bicycle 121€

Buyer: Suicide after 48 hours for chronic depression.

Seller: Subjected to amnestic treatment, released under normal physical conditions.

Item Purchased: Muffin 1.50€

Buyer: No visible changes detected.

Seller: More cheerful behaviors were detected, the subject was detected healthy.

Item Purchased: T-Shirt 31€

Buyer: Subjected to amnestic treatment, released under normal physical conditions.

Seller: Subjected to amnestic treatment, released under normal physical conditions.

Item Purchased: House 190000€



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