Wooden Mole [ARC]
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SCP-RO-007 during discovery.

Item #: SCP-RO-007

Object Class: Euclid

Special Conteniment Procedures: SCP-RO-007 must be contained in a concrete chamber, sized 12×8×3 m. Every 24 hours, nutrients should be provided to SCP-RO-007, such as mineral salts.

The staff is not authorized to enter SCP-RO-007's conteniment chamber, during its times of irascibility. Any injury will be charged to the responsible conteniment supervisor.

Description: SCP-RO-XXX is a sculpture of a mole, SCP-RO-007 is principally maked of wood, but traces of metals can be found in it. SCP-RO-007 is animated, and does not seem to be hostile primarily.

SCP-RO-007 is usually friendly with the staff, but it haves periods of irascibility. During these periods, it is recommended to stay away from SCP-RO-007, to avoid containment breaches.

Addendum 1 — Discovery: SCP-RO-007 was found in Gătaia, Romania; on 22/11/2009. The Foundation was alerted by an undercover agency, when SCP-RO-007 was spotted by a family of tourists. Tourists were given Class-A amnestics, and SCP-RO-007 was taken to conteniment.

Addendum 2 — Incident-007-1: SCP-RO-007 escaped during one of his moments of irascibility. Personnel are no longer allowed to enter the containment cell during these periods.

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